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Attorney Fees

Kemper Law's excellent value is achieved by delivering innovation to litigation strategies and legal budgets and by managing costs efficiently to achieve our client's most desired result.  In recognition of our client's ever-changing needs, Kemper Law offers the following fee structures.

Hourly Fees - Most work performed is based upon hourly rates which are set based upon experience and expertise.  Kemper Law's hourly rates are generally lower than those for comparable services offered by other law firms in the surrounding area, due in part to the reduced overhead at a smaller firm, but also due in larger part to the efficient manner in which cases are handled.  You will not pay for multiple attorneys, paralegals and other professionals working on your matter and you can expect to speak with the attorney directly responsible for your case at any time.  

Fixed Fees - Many legal services that we can provide can be done on a fixed fee basis (i.e., coverage opinions, EUO's, No-Fault Arbitrations and some construction defect claims).  Other matters such as entity formation, contracts and leases, and mechanic lien filings can also be performed for a fixed fee.

Contingent Fees - On a case-by-case basis, matters on a contingent-fee basis are accepted. 

Outside General Counsel - Frequently, small businesses and carriers desire to have general counsel in-house, but either cannot afford or justify the full-time expense when only part-time help is needed.  For a minimal monthly or annual fee, clients can enjoy the benefit of having legal counsel just a phone call away but  without all of the other expenses associated with a full-time employee. 

Alternative Fee Arrangements - As always, fees are negotiable.  Thus, we can craft a fee arrangement for you that can meet your special needs, whether it be a hybrid, not-to-exceed fee, or any other mutually agreeable fee structure.